organic. All our garments are GOTS certified and are purchased from dealers according to the global standards. vegan. The garments, patches and packaging material are vegan. They are not made of animals and have not been tested on animals. fair. All our garments are produced under fair conditions. We manufacture our clothes only with limited fair trade garments.


With our brand we decided to produce garments which create natural and smooth feeling wearing them while workout. During our research for suitable fabrics we decided for us that nothing provides you with a smoother and more natural feeling on skin like cotton does.

With LEVA WEAR we are committed to use fabrics made out of organic cotton. Their are numerous benefits using organic cotton which is not treated with fertilizer, pesticides and Genetically Modified Organisms. Toxic chemicals are irreparable harmful for farmers and workers, consumers of fashion and entire wildlife with its eco-systems through water contamination. Producing organic cotton helps to maintain soil fertility and biological diverse agriculture and uses lower carbon due to lesser fuel and energy consumption treating the crop. In relation to conventional cotton, organic cotton uses far less water as well. Products of organic clothing are safer as manufacturers have stricter safety standards in manufacturing.  This minimize the negative impact to the environment but also ensures the customer value as well by subscribing to its high ethical standards such as Fairtrade Cotton, which the our fabrics have. Organic cotton also avoids allergies, dermatological concerns, especially if you have a specific chemical sensitivity. Even special headaches and dizzinesses can be caused. Wearing organic fabrics has a positive impact on your health and the health of our planet. And yet only a very small percent of all cotton grown is organic. Be part! 


In steady research for an even more sustainable fabric for our active wear garments we heard from an innovative fibre called TENCEL™  developed by company Lenzing AG in Austria. 

The fabric is produced in a closed loop process without any toxic solvents. Almost all of the solvent and the water used during the process can be returned to the production process again. This significantly reduces the water consumption in the process of making Viscose fabrics comparing with conventional. TENCEL™ has an outstanding quality which makes every garment long lasting, it is breathable, water repellant (high moisture absorption), is antibacterial and is beautifully smooth. In addition it is also recyclable. All these great fibre characteristics makes the material more than suitable for the perfect sustainable active wear. Convince yourself. 


Beside our LEVA garments we are reaching out for sustainable alternatives for your pole, stretch and flexibility equipment. With the material cork we found the most suitable material for our Leva Yoga Mat and our Leva Yoga Block. The biodegradable, renewable and recyclable material cork is consciously harvested from the cork oat in the south of Portugal. With this process the tree is not harmed and the cork bark regrows accordingly. Cork itself has beautiful characteristics. With its resistant and impermeable to liquids surface, cork has a naturally non-slip effect which makes is the perfect material for yoga mat. Cork is resistant to dust and is naturally antimicrobial. making it an ideal material for those who suffer from allergies and allergic asthma. The cork oat is not treated with any chemicals or pesticides.

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