In order to avoid overproduction our Leva garments are mostly produced on demand after the customer order has been placed. Each necessary fabric part for the requested garment is then cut out by hand with the respective sewing pattern and a rotary cutter. The pre-production materials which are prepared consciously are then handed over to our production responsible person. The tailoring process begins and requests up to 1,5 hours in order to create an unique Leva piece. As our fabric storage is quite limited we are working closely with our fabric and additional material supplier. We do not want to pressure on any part of the production process. So please be aware that most of our garment products are offered with a delivery time of 6 weeks.


Creating own designs on fabrics surely was a dream for us since day one. Finding a partner who offers a water-based and environmentally friendly ink systems, certified prints on finest organic cotton according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) initiated the first LEVA WEAR print with exclusive leopard design. In the video you can have a glimpse into the test production for our leo print.


The expertise in the manufacture of the innovative and eco friendly Tencel™ fabric let us reach out for an experienced partner in the production of sustainable fashion. Our Leva Tencel™ Breath Set is produced in Portugal by a dedicated family owned production company working with latest textile and production techniques. The company is GOTS certified and is working in the field of high quality conscious wear since 30 years. With an intense whole year of development of our Breath Set as our first cooperation product we are working closely together now.



Our Leva Overknee Hook Socks are produced in eastern Germany in a small and with 25 years of history fairly experienced production site. The manufacturer only works with gently processed, exclusive and fair trade organic cotton yarn which is sourced from German and EU supplier (GOTS certified). High quality material and production standards meet Know How for decades.



Our Leva Yoga Mat and Yoga Block – Cork are responsibly hand crafted in Portugal. We are working together with one of the most experienced, passionate and professional partners in the national Cork industry. The production site is ISO 9001 certified and the respective products are certified vegan. Being able to provide 100% sustainably sourced Cork from the south of the Portugal. Below you can see a picture of a cork oak and a picture of the raw material which is then processed into the Leva Equipment (video).


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